Did Fatfat meet with Al Absi in Tripoli one week before the events?

Well, I will tell you a really nice story this morning. But first and although unconventional the morale of the story: Without ‘security officials’ leaks where would we be?

Mustaqbal sponsored Lebanese Minister of “Youth and Sports” Ahmad Fatfat, Fath al Islam leader Shaker Al Absi, and a bunch of other ‘high profile’ guys supposedly met in an apartment in the Abboud Center in Tripoli on the 5th of May 2007. This was leaked by a Lebanese security 3amid “Mahmoud al J…” to the Jordanian Al Watan newspaper.

This 3amid who still works with the Lebanese Interior Ministry assures that the meeting was organized by Jordanian officer Zaher Abr Abu Jandal (a Salafist and one of the ‘Al Dinyeh Islamists’ that were released by Saad Al Hariri along with LF leader Geagea) and who was killed by the Mustaqbal party militia-like structures (the Lebanese Internal Security Forces) one week ago as he was the only witness to the meeting and that ended up with a big disagreement.

Just to go back a bit, according to the security source, Fatfat was invited to a meeting in Washington in “the winter of 2006” in order to assess the potential use of Salafist movements in Lebanon. This meeting was allegedly held by Saudi, Jordanian, American, and Israeli intelligence, as well as the Lebanese 3amid Othman, and the Lieutenant Colonel Wissam al Hassan. It was decided during the meeting that Wissam al Hassan, Ahmad Fatfat, and the now-killed Jordanian officer (and who supposedly lived 10 meters away from the Abboud building in Tripoli, where the other meeting took place), to coordinate and prepare the ‘terrorists’ for when they could be useful.

The 3amid Mahmoud al J… insists on the fact that there is a very intimate relation between Fatfat and Salafist movements in Lebanon because of their concentration in the region of Al Diniyeh from where Fatfat is. The latter was supposed to coordinate and get closer to their leadership and try to win them to the Mustaqbal cause. Some Salafists are already aligned with Hariri according to the source, and these include: Sheikh Issam al Rifai, Al Islam Al Shahal, and Hassan al Shahal.

Now the moment we are all waiting for: What happened during the meeting? According to the source, Fath al Islam leader Al Absi was welcoming in his group recruits that somehow were not aligned with the Americans and so he was asked through Fatfat and Al Hassan to hand them in but he refused. So they stopped paying him the monthly sums given to him by bank transfer to an account in the name of Abu Jandal (the now-killed Jordanian) who was the medium between both parties and whose account was at the Mediterranean Bank in Amyun (you guessed it: it is the bank that was robbed by Fath al Islam, and needless to say that the Mediterranean Bank is held in partnership by Hariri).

An interesting revelation is that Baha’ Al Hariri (the brother of Saad today’s leader of the Mustaqbal party) is in a disagreement with his brother, as 3amid Mahmoud al J… is very close to Baha’, and that (and I keep the quote literally translated from Arabic): “Saad the American and Saniora the Israeli is something, and Baha’ the Hariri is something else”.

The 3amid insist that his story is true and invites the opposition groups to form a committee that would investigate on the matter and take fingerprints in this apartment in Tripoli.

For those who want the Arabic original version of the article can just ask me. and for those who know what is ‘3amid’ in English please do tell me.

13 Replies to “Did Fatfat meet with Al Absi in Tripoli one week before the events?”

  1. hey!

    thank you for the interesting blog!

    i have a request 🙂 i am a Lebanese student conducting an academic research for my MA in Media & Communications. It’s mainly about the use of internet, social change and cultural identity. I have an anonymous online survey i would be more than glad if you could partake in. here’s the link, just copy paste it into a new window:


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  2. Sounds a bit too perfect to be true. More important is the reminder that the Hariri political dynasty is not without internecine feuds. I would be careful with this, as much of it is probably dubious, but as Papa Frost says, something there is.

  3. Hello Nour,

    Just a word of advice. I completed your survey but I must say that your last questions are weak at best. If you are trying to measure ‘affiliation’ to some ‘Lebanese identity’ among bloggers (however problematic you conceptualize this identity), you are asking question with an already ideological charge. And in some case you require the person answering to take for granted that he’s some kind of uniformally defined Lebanese. I don’t know how much analytically this will help you. But good luck in any case.

  4. as a. said -> too perfect.

    the motive seems fishy at best, especially with the way things have played out. and since the 3amid is homies with saad’s bro, who is to say what political motive he has for telling such a story …

  5. Only Syria can make these kinds of manipulation in Lebanon. Why? Because they are in the axis of evil. The US on the other hand are in the axis of good.
    I wonder how many people had roughly this thought, even on an unconscious level while reading this information…

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