Annahar and its sources

Today Annahar reported that after interrogating members of Fath al Islam, it seems they were preparing for a ’11th of sept’ style of attack on hotels in Beirut, and that they got arms from Syria. Basically, the perfect ‘terrorist’ group. I wonder is Annahar reporting what it wants to hear (as the ideological construct works on an unconscious level), or are the interrogators really extracting such informations? Who basically is interrogating FI? Because if the interrogators are the Lebanese army, I would doubt that they would reveal stuff like that, at the very least for diplomatic purposes.

2 Replies to “Annahar and its sources”

  1. yes gpc, right to the point. This ‘source’ in Annahar who ‘interrogated prisonners’ is so weird now that I come to think about it because the Army would never leak stories like that, because indeed it officially does not take sides.

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