On the diplomatic front

A lot of people in Lebanon are calling us (us the expatriates) to tell us that we should not come back to Lebanon for a bit as the situation may worsen. I try to calm them down as I know things can’t get any worse. I mean today, while the Lebanese army resumed the pounding of the Nahr al-Bared camp, Mustaqbal party leader Saad Hariri called president of parliament Nabih Berri to congratulate him for his daughter Mayssa getting engaged with Ayman Joum’a (some guy). And as you guessed, the conversation did not include one mention of the camp battles.

I know what you are going to say. But somehow I just feel at home when I hear these ‘politesse oblige’ stories, especially when the country is on the brink of collapse.


2 Replies to “On the diplomatic front”

  1. i think they call it “Wajbet”,theres something that will never diminish in Lebanon,the intricate level of ettiquette and protocols of human relationships.

  2. Of course, you know more about the specifics of Lebanon than I do, but I’d offer the observation that when a person says “I know the situation can’t get any worse”, he’s usually wrong.

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