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Zaki said that he did not find a single closed door during discussions with Lebanese officials, adding that Defense Minister Elias Murr has instructed the army that “he does not want a single innocent civilian casualty.” According to the Palestinian Red Crescent, 23 Palestinian civilians have been killed in the fighting.


9 Replies to “The Beat goes on …”

  1. Tough luck, the army has a job to finish even if 5,000 palestians get in the way, they were given ample time to leave and choose to stay back for an unknown reason.


  2. fadi, it’s always interesting to see how you guys express your sincere concern for the ‘nobodies’ in the refugee camps.

  3. Maybe what Fadi and millions like him,are saying,is that there are bigger problems at stake,ie The lives of the Lebanese army and the welfare of the nation.Except when ppl keep pointing the finger at the “Monstrous” Army,and blame them for the 23 Palestinian lives lost,a Lebanese citizen tends to get ultra-nationalist and will express his support for the army at all costs.Not saying the Palestinians in the camp are of no concern offcourse they are but so is the larger battle.

  4. no one is saying that the loss of life of army members is not as tragic (although when talking about of civilian death versus the army there are obvious differences). and i’m sure that the individuals in the lebanese army are doing the best they can to do what they’re ordered to do. when people ‘point their fingers’ at the army they actually mean the leadership and whoever is making the decision-making (and naturally someone whose life, and the precious lives of his loved ones, is at no risk whatsoever).

    ‘there are bigger problems at stake,ie The lives of the Lebanese army..’

    the problem with you Lebanese ‘ultra-nationalists’ is that you seriously believe that Palestinian casualties are not as tragic/significant as Lebanese ones. not only that, but you even try to justify your hatred by using big words like patriotism and nationalism. this is exactly how Israel thought of you and me while they were bombing the hell out of us last summer. who cares about hundreds of lives of lebanese nobodies as long as we maintain control along the borders. this is exactly how you are thinking when it comes to the problem of Palestinian civilian casualties. how can you not see that?

  5. Unfortch’, Laila, that’s how humans are wired to think. It’s not an Israeli, Lebanese, American, meanie reaction. It’s practically universal.

    Take a plane full of men, women and children from Africa. It blows up, everybody dies and it turns out there was 1 and a half French citizens on the plane. Guess what French news will focus on? You’ll never see the pictures and life stories of the African dead in Paris Match.

    Not saying it’s right; not saying it’s wrong.
    Just saying this is how it’s always been and it ain’t gonna change tonight.

  6. i agree with the human nature/universal part, unfortunately.
    but the fact that that’s the way it’s always been and always will be doesn’t make it okay. something is very, very wrong and just accepting it as ‘human nature’ and so ‘neither wrong nor right’ is not an option for me.

  7. and that’s very noble of you and God knows the world needs people who think this way.
    If the world was filled with only cynics like me, we’d still be in the forest beating our chests and picking berries. Which can be a lot more fun too..

    I just find that accepting things that I cannot change and focusing on the things that I can change helps me keep my sanity and save my energy for other things. Whether it’s with politics, marriage, family relationships or work.

    I’m sounding like a self-help book, this can’t possibly be good..

  8. cali, i was expecting to see the word “fascist” somewhere there … maybe next time 🙂

    laila – good to see you here. great pics btw.

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