Yawn …

It seems someone woke me up from my nap with news from New York. Why do they do that? Be a dear and close the door on your way out … Thanks … zzzz ….

7 Replies to “Yawn …”

  1. Can you elaborate on that one? How is the tribunal not important? I think this UN decision is pretty much going to heat up the situation in Lebanon further. Not to mention the loss of credibility the UN suffers as a result of how this tribunal was decided upon. Are you just gonna sleep through it?

  2. Okay, Eva. I kind of spell it out in earlier posts, but if you want the full low-down, I would be happy to oblige when I get the chance.

  3. yeah. i’ll read it! i have to say i don’t get a lot of stuff on this blog (e.g., why is theodore roethke the new black?). that’s probably how i missed your earlier explanation. but that’s OK. i still like reading this blog.

  4. Forgive apo eva, he always has the tendency to minimize the importance of events like that, but then, a couple of days later when he sees how things are being inflamed he comes back on his decision and says “well maybe i underestimated the effect of this one”! peace to you d.

  5. And peace to you bech, but the “new black” refers to fashion not skin color … 🙂

    Oh, the Lebanese … 🙂

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