The Sayyed (revisited)

“Let us overcome all this and calm the situation and form a national emergency government where there will be genuine partnership to save our country. Congratulations and may God’s peace and blessings be upon you. I beseech the young men not to fire shots in the air. This is a very bad custom. Those who want to get rid of the bullets they have in their houses let them send them to me and I will take them and thank them for this.”


3 Replies to “The Sayyed (revisited)”

  1. Nice quote these days, but does he not say this every time now … I seem to remember the same line a couple of times before …

  2. yes he does say that a lot lately, but the video of him saying this that last speech is just awesome! he is changing his style lately, much more comfortable this last speech, too comfortable if you want my opinion.

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