Is the Room Spinning …? Or Is It Me …

Aoun in Paris? The Poles at Baabda? The Americans breaking bread with the Iranians in Iraq? The Security Council getting ready to vote? Jumblatt calling for a “peaceful” resolution to the camp crisis? Netanyahu on a war campaign in the US (those with sensitive stomachs should avoid his recent “interview” in the Wall Street Journal)? The Syrians issuing brainless propaganda about al-Qaeda targetting the “opposition”?

Where is the aspirin?

For now, I will try to focus my eyes on Jumblatt, the eternal weather vein. The call from Bahiya Hariri is just weird and his distrust of Geagea should not be underestimated, especially if he knows something we don’t. Similarly, if the SC passes a tough resolution on the tribunal, I would not be surprised to see Walid Bek start to back away from Hariri, Inc and let it be known that his services are available for the right price.

Some like to see his anti-Syrian turn as some sort vindication for the death of his father, but I would argue he is more likely to being playing Saad Hariri for the fool. As Lahoud’s term comes closer to an end, we will see if he does indeed decide to take the money and run. That is, of course, the problem with Swiss and Lebanese bank accounts, no accountability. I would aver, however, that his natural position, whatever the day’s protestation, is with the land, which means with Syria and Hizbullah — not so much their parochial interests, but what they represent as political currents. Thus while he may travel abroad for transactional purposes (literally and figuratively), he remains feudal through and through. Here is steadfastness, however disorienting the twists and turns.

Still dizzy? Maybe a nap is best … zzzzz ….


2 Replies to “Is the Room Spinning …? Or Is It Me …”

  1. he remains feudal through and through.

    that is as close to the truth as possible. he wants, and strives, to maintain the patron-client relationship he has with his constituency (in a feudal sense). and his actions can be understood when viewed with that in mind.

  2. you forgot to mention that today the iranian ambassador was at the saraille with sanyoura, lahoud was in bkerki, handing the patriarch a solution and sfeir praying with him for it to work and sanyoura giving what seemed like a farewell speech

    devine allah works in mysterious ways

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