Self-Doubt …

Sometimes I wonder if I am completely wrong, but then I come across something like this and I remember that things could be worse. Such work suggests that it is indeed possible to become completely detached from reality (of course, having motivation$ for such is another matter). And so for my threadbare tethers, I am eternally grateful, compassionate for the further lost, and confident in final victory, by which I mean something other than the total defeat of unannounced dispatch into oblivion.


2 Replies to “Self-Doubt …”

  1. hmmmmmm if it wasn’t so sad, i would be laughing.
    hubris is a dangerous thing. you distinguish yourself thru your self doubt.

    on a lighter note
    Again I am baffled by your superior character. Blond, Blue Eyed, humble … strong as bear, fast as a grey hound…. steadfast as German oak… oh 🙂


  2. 🙂

    Don’t worry about me. I am, as they say, in it to win it. Just sharpening my sword before I sally forth to slay the beast … 😉

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