Of Asses and Alberts: The Other Sayyed …

The dizzying pace of the conspiracy theory machines has me recalling when Jamil al-Sayyed told al-Hayat that the killers of Rafik Hariri had to be “either donkeys or Einsteins.”

Indeed, but in truth, there are among us very few donkeys and even fewer Einsteins (I will leave it to the moral philosophers to tell me whether this is a “good” thing or not, although I tend to agree with St. Augustine that the “City of God” suggests that it does not matter much). The truth of the matter is always somewhere in between, so the question is always: what is by design and what is by accident. As the “light of london,” otherwise known as bech-bouche, has pointed out: “there are no conspiracies only post hoc policies following specific readings of political bursts.” Thus, Jamil’s comment (actually I believe it is best understood as a kind of warning) is telling in untold ways.

Unfortunately, there are no easy answers. All we can do is adopt a healthy attitude of doubt toward the givers (and signs) of meaning, (all who remember, doubt. Who calls that strange?), while at the same time refusing to submit to the paralysis of despair. In all things, we are truly called to heed both “the pessimism of the intellect and the optimism of the will” (even good athiests like Gramsci cannot escape the Passion). The eternal discipline of patient circumspection is very much its own reward.

And in that spirit, let me just offer this as you join me in trying to wade through all of this: the only difference between politicians and gangsters is that politicians also read newspapers.

12 Replies to “Of Asses and Alberts: The Other Sayyed …”

  1. One does not have to be an Einstein nor a donkey. It seems rather a question of how reckless one can be. In the end it is nothing but gambling with high stakes. whatever is staged and whatever isn’t.
    Money was given! Bank robbery staged? didn’t happen? somebody certainly thought he/she could control it.
    And poker is whats been going on for a while here and the stakes have been rising for a long time.
    … all this said the more the mob becomes polarized the less it remains controllable.

    for those who read French

  2. Bien joue, w.s., but that is exactly why I say that Jamil’s comment is best understood as a warning for those considering how large to make their bet.

  3. although it is hard to admit -considering all the atrocities he made when he was in power- jamil al sayyed is one of the smartest people to have ever ruled this country. he knew when to be pro-american and when to smoothly switch sides. until well, he started being sloppy 😛

  4. Indeed, Ramzi, history’s judgement is, for nearly all of us, tragic.

    Also, see how much better when we play nice … 🙂

  5. W.S, dont be so simple-minded … 🙂

    The first object of all accusations is ourselves, as guilt is above all else a shared phenomenon.

  6. you unmasked me, as simple minded as a chair.:)
    putting words in your mouth 🙂 but d, just to suave 🙂

    i have given up on believing we will know the truth or even anything close to it before we get access to classified files around the world. i have even given up on having an opinion. So many scenarios and a number of them seemingly reasonable.
    Ok, not true, but only so far as saying that there is a high likelihood that there was Syrian elements involved.

    by the way
    I am enjoying your blog though D. and always knew you as a nerd.

  7. As to the nerd charge, what did I say about guilt being a shared phenomenon? …:)

    Also, I would aver that matrimonial bliss may well require that some files be forever classified, so be careful what you wish for … 🙂

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