Franklin Lamb reporting

With very intermittent internet access and this ancient pc with one lone wire running from the spaghetti wiring system tied to the ceiling and taped to a single bare light bulb socket, plus 8 toddlers, two babies, crawling over and under this ‘foreigner’ in a 10 x 12 concrete room where 28 or more of us slept on the floor last night, this blurb may never be sent. But if it does get out and for what it’s worthan update on the situation in the Palestinian Nabr al-Bared and Bedawi Camps. Will try to send results shortly of my interviews with 11 Fatah al-Islam fighters regarding who paid them and got them travel documents and weapons and what was their mission. There was no bank robbery by them. That was a fake story put out by the Welch Club. Sorry I misreported it. BBC was suckered. Also, no, repeat no heads cut off. Where are the medical reports from those who claim it? That was black propaganda to smear Fatah el-Islam. Must leave this building nowmay not be until tomorrow or so.

Check his earlier article too.

So Mustaqbal MP Bahya Hariri thought it would be important to call Druze Feudal lord Walid Jumblatt to clarify that Jund al Sham has no connection with Fath al Islam. For those who don’t know, Jund al Sham is yet another Sunni Islamist group based in Ayn el Helweh Palestinian camp. The Mustaqbal party payed Jund al Sham to go play in Tripoli.


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  1. Haha, good one. This blog is always good for a laugh!

    You should find out who is passing Lamb information (and money most likely) before regurgitating his ****.

  2. Surely the Syrians no? And of course the Bahya Hariri story is just a lie. She never called Jumblatt. Hariri people in the north never tied to create popularity by buying off people there. All this is a scam. It is worthy of a big laugh.

    How beautiful it is to live in denial. I envy you as you will never have anything weighing on your conscience.

  3. Didn’t you know that Bech?
    Lebanon is divided into 2 groups:
    a/ Hariri, Joumblatt etc… they are honest people who work for the good of the country.
    b/ Syria, although it uses different names because it is very vicious and tries to destroy the country.
    Anyone who testifies against “a” are paid by “b” who are rich corrupted evil doers. And those who testify for them are just regular honest people.
    So simple eh Bech?

  4. Well group a/ might not be honest on a beauracratic level,but group b/ believe it or not ruled the country of group a/ by planting the “moukhabarat” not unlike the Stasi of East Germany.maintained checkpoints all over the country holding the Lebanese suspect on their own land.Sucked 4 billion dollars a year to spend on their lavish vacations and other gifts.Also group b/ beleive it or not assissinated the fathers of those members in group a/,along with other leading characters of the ‘FREEEEEEEEE’ media,just to show everyone who runs the show here.
    Im sorry if some of us blame Syria for everything thats goin on in Lebanon,some of it is harsh and misleading,i do apologise for my *#*#@@# up upbringing.It really is thaT simple Sav and Bech,and just to reiterate Nicholas Blanford,Harriri was not corrupt,he was a corrupter.he cbought ppl with his money but noone can possibly buy him,for money was not an issue,so i would believe that the Harrirites payed some members of this faction and that faction to shut up,that doesnt mean they created it to stir trouble,thats not their style…try the lion next door,his alot more experienced in stirring up trouble.

  5. I don’t know enough about Lamb to judge his credibility. Where did he get the info that “no heads were cut off?” The argument that no medical reports to argue such is a weak one at best. Time will tell which rumors are true, and which are false

  6. hmmm,
    Might be true this blog is always good for a good laugh after all 🙂

    Big news for you Maverick: Lebanon is NOT divided into 2 groups.

    And thank you for providing us a gem with this Hariri idea of the all powerful guy who corrupts and is not corrupted. Really, of all the things I read about him this one is by far the funniest.

  7. Hey maverick,

    group b could only rule because a needed them to rule. Read Lebanese history.

    Also, if group a released people that became fateh al islam, and gave them some money, then I don’t think these guys are at the same time working for group b. let’s say bahya hariri (group a) nurtues jund al sham too, if one day the latter starts asking for more please don’t start telling me it’s group b.

    Also,group b has a phobia not only of Sunni Islamist but of any “Sunni force”. So think again.

    I understand your reasoning Maverick (i.e. The Syrians have a dubious past so why not them), but I would give you an advice, whenever anything is happening in Lebanon think locally first. There must a Lebanese behind it, before having anyone else behind. If you understand Tripoli’s politics you definitely know that Hariri has changed the way politics works there.

    One of the biggest drawbacks of the civil war is that we tend to exorcise by understanding social and political reality through the creation of an outside enemy (the syrian, the palestinian etc.). That’s the first intellectual error.

    But there are many more…

  8. Bech,

    Your profile doesn’t have an email address: just write to my old blogger email (lettersapart [at] gmail [dot] com) and I’ll get to you from there.

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