Back in World Headlines …

Obviously, I have much to say about this, but considering the lack of honest information out there about what is actually going on, I will resist the temptation to spew “opinions” as opposed to using arguments. It suffices to say I think that for now, hardly any of the other posts that bloggers (well, the ones I check anyway) have written actually resonate with me.

Update: Here is a post with comprehensive details on this.

Update 2: Explosion in Sassine, Achrafieh.


5 Replies to “Back in World Headlines …”

  1. please post any accurate info on the situation as you become aware of such. there are so many actors in this situation, i can’t extrapolate what’s actually going on.

    oh, wait there’s this analysis on ___ news, all cleared up.

    (psyche, do post info please!)

  2. “psyche”, or psycho? 🙂

    i probably have as much information as you do – the arabic news sources haven’t really provided anything “unique.” unless of course, you have some specific questions …

  3. The rumor mill is dizzying, but the simple fact is that this is utter futility. What has shelling the camps ever brought except more violence and misery? Very disappointed in the LAF right now. They know better.

  4. a.,

    you have said what has been on my mind since yesterday. i just can’t phrase my thoughts properly without seeming callous …

  5. psyche!, as in the mid 80’s valley girl slang for “just kidding”. sorry about the drunken post, it was suppose to read as a sarcastic comment on media outlets.

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