DSL in Lebanon

I wasn’t really going to comment on this technological step (small, large, forward, backward … whatever it may be), but then I heard (this was announced on New TV) that Marwan Hamadeh’s son has received the DSL contract (I’m not sure what that fully entails). Does anyone have any information on this? If it is indeed true, then this is quite an unfortunate, although unsurprising, step.

3 Replies to “DSL in Lebanon”

  1. It isn’t Hamadeh’s son per se. It is a company he happens to own jointly with at least one other person, of the Tarabey family (imad, i think).

    The company in question would be either Cedarcom or Lynx, I guess. These are the telecommunication companies I know are owned by that couple. Not sure about others.

  2. I’m trying to get some info on this, but just so you know, the whole telecommunication market (cellular companies, internet, cable TV (that is not pirated)) is under the control of two parties (Hamade, Hariri and co basically), Cordahi tried to get third share as well as the son of Lahoud.

    Plus there a whole legal vaccum that inhibits a proper regulation of the market and install properly competitive policies. For example, couple years ago Hamade and Cordahi one after the other literally ‘bought frequencies’ for cable tv broadcasting.

    I wrote an article on this back when I was free lancing in Beirut. I’ll try to make a general post on monopolistic practices in Lebanon once I get more information on DSL.

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