Abby … Abby Someone …*

” …it is extremely important that the court is set up so that Lebanon goes back to normal,” Rice told Al-Arabiya television.”

Gotta love it — the “normal” part …
So I am still on record saying that M14 would be idiotic for trying to go Chapt. 7 on the tribunal. Anyone have evidence to the contrary? Please, do share …

* A thousand points to anyone who gets this reference …

4 Replies to “Abby … Abby Someone …*”

  1. hehe easy, its that parody of frankenstein film.
    i dont know the film’s exact title but saw it many times. Its when igor comes back with the wrong mind.
    my favorite part is when her doctor screams “ALIVE ITS ALIVE” and the beast is looking at him a bit embarrassed. And the blond actress with the dumb-peasant-fascinated-by-the-professor part RULES! O if i could just meet her somewhere! Why do i get to meet Nadine Labaki or Abbas chahine and not this sophisticated actress? O why?

  2. I think I had a crush on Teri Garr when I was seven, although I am not really sure I understood at that tender age exactly why “a voll, a voll, in da hay” was so appealing … 😉

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