Hey friends and fellow readers,

I saw that some bloggers have little banners on their front page like “this blog is against torture”, or “We’re openminded”, or “we’re fine with gays”, etc.

So this is a call to any graphic designer who knows how to create such little rectangular boxes to send me banners such as “We’re narrowminded”, “This is a fascist blog”, or “we torture gay people”.

You know, this is just to make clear who “we” are on this blog. Thank you for your cooperation.


7 Replies to “Wanted”

  1. Well, it finally had to happen … You actually said something that qualifies as funny … 😉 bravo, bech … 🙂

  2. oh no, i find him funny more often than that. I like it when mr bech make use of the word “decadent”! hehe

  3. thanks alhaqid, I must say that for somebody with the sense of humor that you have, I am honored by your observations!

    apo you will be killed in due time like all your compatriots.

    loulia (what a beautiful name), I think I asked for a banner like ‘we’re fascists’.

  4. We can’t even get you third worlders (Euros, Anglo-Saxons and narcissistic Mediterraneans included) to punctuate correctly … What chance do we have for empire …?

    Commas on the inside of quotes … The inside … Have a bash at it, mate … 😉

  5. 🙂

    Yes, in history and in general, schoolmarms have been the traditional heralds of the apocalypse … 😉

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