It is up to you


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  1. It’s about time to say what you want to say to the western world with no strings attached. It is very important in this ugly time for someone like Ahmadi Najad to object any proposal lead to the destruction of the third world identity i.e. culture, morality, belief and self=determination..

  2. Historical information: Top Gun maverick, T. Cruise’s Ray-ban were the favorites of Bachir Gemayel (Commander of the Lebanese Forces), and thus, the favorite brand of all the Chrisitan right-wing involved in para-military or military activities.
    Najad has different smaller sun-glasses, maybe Ray ban, but not the classic version that Gemayel and other aficionados used to love.

    I remember my friend who fought with Aoun against the Syrian and later against Geagea had a pair that he had got ‘from Paris’, usually hard to get them locally during the civil war. He always used to remind me that it made him feel like a real fighter, like ‘el Bach’ like ‘Tom Cruise bi top Gun’, like Schwarzenegger in Commandos, like a real marines, etc.

    It is so fascinating to see the various symbolic constructs people espouse, or articulate strategically to suit their version of reality, in order to make sense of that reality, and how it defies any monolithic type of classification.

    A detailed study of the life and practices of Hizbullah fighters, and affiliated people would i’m sure show us very unexpected and highly rich array of symbols and images.

    Now all this has not much to do with this post…

  3. when i saw the pic, i knew it was from al-akhbar. they have a penchant for great pics 🙂

    also off-post, yesterday i just watched 3 ex-terrorists give a talk (walid shoebat was one of them). anyone has info on these “bringers of truth”?

  4. Walid found Jesus. I would guess if he is on the lecture circuit, he is probably hawking a book … Wikipedia has everything you need to know, although I am sure the truth is much worse (his web site is crazy scary).

  5. I would like to read a comprehensive analysis on your blog that would sum up your view of the current situation in Lebanon as a whole. I always read bits and pieces, examples or small parts of analysis, which are always interesting and describe well your more general state of mind. How about something more complete giving your view of the whole situation, with a certain starting point and, from that, the evolution of all parties involved? It would be clearer to understand where you think we might be headed
    Nice pic by the way (I have blue silhouettes, what does that make me?………………………)


  6. Nothing to add to the sunglass dialogue…but this is a good overview of regional power-plays and how Lebanon fits in, from the Asia Times (via Angry Arab).

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