Oh, My!

A “WOMAN town” where females make all decisions and punish naughty men is being built in mid-China.
The 1.5 square mile Shuangqiao district in Chongqing will have the slogan: “A woman never makes a mistake. A man can never reject a woman’s request.”
It is expected to be a Mecca for women tourists.
Tourism chief Li Jigang said: “A disobedient man will be punished by kneeling on a board or doing dishes.”

5 Replies to “Oh, My!”

  1. Dishes and kneeling? This theme park makes guatanamo, bagram & baghdad look like disneyland in comparison. Thank god men have the other 500 million odd sq metres. ..

  2. Heaven’s hell, I would think. And yes, I feel disobedient for even entertaining the possibility of error … 🙂

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