Wobble On …

In a special statement of clarification, the bureau stressed that Olmert had told Pelosi that Israel continued to regard Syria as “part of the axis of evil and a party encouraging terrorism in the entire Middle East.”

It’s hard to believe how shaky Ehud Olmert’s standing must be that he must declare immediate and total fidelity to Bush Administration policy vis-a-vis Syria. Protecting his right flank to be sure, but it is fun to watch the Israelis and certain Lebanese parties try and out-Bush Bush. I guess they don’t get US polling data in the Levant. Either that, or they get their reports on Iraq from John McCain.


3 Replies to “Wobble On …”

  1. we don’t read and when we do we don’t understand and if god forbid we understand a bit then we are so exhausted we need a nap zzzzzzzzz

  2. Did you read about how Pelosi complained to the Saudis about the lack of female representation in their government?? priceless.
    And her mini-skirt attire while solving the world’s problems with BashBash!
    I haven’t been this entertained by news in months.
    The washington post calls her foolish; I think they’re mean. Self serving and senseless would be more appropriate.

    It’s so cool to be a girl. You can hate Pelosi with a passion without being accused of misogyny.

  3. A self-serving and senseless politician? Really? That is news … 🙂

    Pelosi is an idiot, but the anger of the WaPost editorial is due to the fact that Syria-related editorials are written by very right-wing pro-Israel hawks. (Michael Young is trying to outdo them, although I am unsure if he is eligible to be a member of the GOP).

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