Don’t confuse the prey

That is an important article. Whatever you think about Hariri’s assassination, the insistence on pushing for an international tribunal is more about cornering Hizbullah through a more solid institutionally international pressure to comply with fixed rules, then to accuse Syria (in any case, everyone knows from the first to the last 14th of Marcher Lebanese politician that there is an American red line you can’t cross when accusing Syrian officials which is Bashar and his family, and other key officials in the regime so why the fuss about the tribunal?).

3 Replies to “Don’t confuse the prey”

  1. Isn’t all about control of the security services? My thugs, not yours … Why else ask for Lahoud’s head on a platter?

  2. I said weeks ago that the int’l ‘tribunal’ is a key tool for cornering Hezb Allah, among other ‘options’ left to the Israelis, U.S, and their local allies.

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