A Real Whopper …

Okay, I found out today that I am old. Here’s how: Burger King is currently running tv ads featuring a tune from a favorite band of my pre-teen years.

The catch: it’s about masturbation.


4 Replies to “A Real Whopper …”

  1. hahah!
    I also found out relatively recently that one of my favourite eurodance songs (circa 1992) was about ecstasy and not about a dude called Ebeneezer Goode.

    Your story is more embarrassing though…

  2. And American Express uses Iggy Pop’s Lust For life to promote family vacations on TV. I don’t think Amex and Iggy have the same definition of Pleasure.

    It reminds me of lyrics from the Punk era: Do you think it is funny/Turning rebellion into money?

  3. Ms.,

    Along those lines, my personal favorite is the fact that the PA system of my hometown NFL team blares the Ramones’ “I want to be sedated” three times every game to the delight of the euphoric crowd …

  4. Calli,

    I just wonder how such a song “big hand you know you’re the one” could put one in a mood for a greasy burger … I guess I dont get advertising.

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