Bech: They’re on to You …

Supermarket checkout staff are being trained by the security services in how to detect potential terrorists. MI5 has been secretly advising food retailers, including Asda and Tesco, on how to identify extremist shoppers … The awareness training for staff also covers bulk sales of toiletries which could be used as the basic ingredient in explosives.

You should never have bought all that toliet paper. What were you thinking!?!


6 Replies to “Bech: They’re on to You …”

  1. For now, they think i’m an Israeli, so I think I’m on the safe side. Everytime a cashier talks to me he/she says: Are you from Israel? I say: No… but really close!

  2. Bech, you fool.

    Don’t you see that question is part of the MI5 training?

    If you say yes, then no worries. If you say no, you are suspicious. If you say no, become agitated and scream out ‘death to israel,’ well then you know what happens next … 🙂

  3. Calli,

    Actually it would, because the stores listed are UK-based Walmart-affiliates. So, be careful more careful the next time you purchase 17 gallons of you favorite shampoo … Or you may never be heard from again … 🙂

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