Pace-setter …?

Attention has been focused lately on JCS Chairman Peter Pace. First, he contradicted the White House over the role of the Iranian government in sponsoring attacks on US forces in Iraq. Now he has drawn attention to the readiness of US forces in the event of a third theater of conflict. What it means, I have no idea, but as usual, the brass is likely signalling its displeasure with elements of the civilian leadership at the Pentagon. In this context, Gates becomes an interesting character to watch, as he is likely the rope in a fairly unpleasant tug-of-war between the OVP (and its allies at the Pentagon) and most, but not all, of the generals. Rice has probably used this apparent tussle to score a major victory by getting Bush to sign off on meetings with the Syrians and Iranians over Iraq, but the picture of what is going on is likely much more complicated. Again, watch Gates. His movement one way or the other just might be the difference between war and peace in Iran.

I still think everything is in disarray at the WH and the National Security Council, but sometimes enormous difficulties have a way of forging a stronger, more realistic consensus on the forward direction of policy. Stay tuned.

One Reply to “Pace-setter …?”

  1. It’s weekend asn so I am compelled to propagate my analogy 🙂

    Iran and the US are this troubled couple that have undergone a violent breakup (reasons complex)
    They are now pondering whether to get back together or to divorce.
    The mistress (Israel) is doing all in her might to prevent the reunion.
    The whore (Saudi Arabia) is doing all in her power to keep Dick, to detriment of both Iran and Israel!

    But a divorce will run the US to (moral/economic) bankrupcy; which will deprive the mistress and the whore from the moral/material support the seek. So for now, the reaseon is speaking in the head of state, other than Dick!

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