Whence Fair Reader…?

Don’t get paranoid, because we don’t (and would not) spy individual ISP’s, but I find it fascinating to see from where the readers of this blog come. Indeed, I always like seeing a new country or state pop-up on our bargain-basement counter. Some basic facts:

  • About 40 percent of our daily readers come from the United States, with California and Texas doing the heavy lifting on most days (although we get periodic spikes from the DC area, New York and Illinois);
  • After the US, Lebanon, the UK, and France each make up about 15 percent on any given day;
  • Half of the remaining 15 percent come from Australia and the other half are truly spread around the globe.

For me, blogging is mostly psychotherapy (and cheaper than a shrink), but thanks for reading.


10 Replies to “Whence Fair Reader…?”

  1. Calli,

    I dont check that very often, but have seen “Lebonon hunk” listed, so I guess bechir’s female admirers always know how to find him …;)

  2. Oops, in typical Australian fashion I’m claiming a greater piece of the pie than I’m entitled to. But anyways, let’s not quibble over 7.5%…

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