Bech, I am ordering the life-size for your flat in London.

8 Replies to “Tamam.”

  1. Lovely photo.

    Totten’s on his way to Iraq as a “consultant”. He will be embedded with DoD who have promised him access. I hope he stays safe.

  2. Thanks for stopping by, Apokraphyte. Your blog is nice as well.

    To answer your question, if getting started in June 2005 is “just getting started,” then yes, I suppose I am.

  3. EDB,

    Without having anyway of knowing, I would guess Totten is getting paid to do PR for the Kurdistan Development Corporation, probably on contract with a US PR firm like Russo, Marsh and Rogers (this should probably be illegal under the Mundt Act). Undoubtedly, his extensive knowledge of the region must be his meal ticket: he has been to beirut and all. And doesn’t it seem “impossible” that he could just be getting by by knowing how to suck up to rightwing maniacs about the “other Iraq.” To be fair, I think he is a former IT guy so might well be doing that stuff. Dunno.

    Let’s avoid further mention of this creature. It makes my tummy hurt. Agreed?

    Nice to have you back — david

  4. Not to bring him up again, but, well, to bring him up again, I’m glad to see that other people around here also think that guy Totten is a schmuck.

    To be fair, I’ve never met him in person, but what I’ve read of him online makes me think I’d prefer to chew on tin foil than have to weather a conversation with him…

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