Joseph Samaha is gone

Just heard that Joseph Samaha passed away following a heart attack.
One of the few intellectuals of the Arab world is gone…
Here is Naharnet’s account, and I’m sorry but I had to link (and gladly do) from Iranian portal as there are more information.

Here is Al-Akhbar’s text.
I remember I thought it weird when Wednesday there was no Samaha editorial. We should have thought something’s wrong when the last time he wrote was Tuesday. Although he was not sick I suppose, it was probably a premonition. Just to give you a brief idea, since the founding of Al-Akhbar in the beginning of the July-August Israeli messed-up invasion, Samaha wrote everyday. Until three days ago.

Update: I was just realizing that Samaha will not write anymore… It is a stupid realization, but it is quite shocking, especially when it is someone who wrote so prolifically. Who to read from now on in the Arabic press?


3 Replies to “Joseph Samaha is gone”

  1. he wasnt sick, but he was unhappy staying next to his friend Hazem Saghiyyeh in london for the condolances for Saghiyyeh’s wife’s death, May Ghsoub, with whom he was friend since long time ago.
    sad story

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