Say Anything …

Military chiefs had been pushing for much bigger cuts in the number of British troops in Iraq than those announced yesterday by Tony Blair, defence officials made clear last night. For months, army commanders have suggested that their presence on the streets of Basra was doing more harm than good … They were forced to agree to a more gradual reduction partly in deference to US sensitivities.

So, how did the White House respond to the news?:

Dick Cheney, the US vice-president, said the announcement was “an affirmation that in parts of Iraq … things are going pretty well“, while the US secretary of state, Condoleezza Rice, was keen to stress “the coalition remains intact”.

The prosecution rests.


3 Replies to “Say Anything …”

  1. well one side of me says:

    if the troops stay can they help the iraqis form a stable decent government?

    the otherside says:

    if the troops leave can an arab country not be an autocratic despot driven mass murdering relic?

    then the otherside says:

    well after all, all the problems in the arab world started AFTER saddam was removed from power.

    then the otherside says:

    Leave itaq now, what difference would it make if another 1,000,000 arabs kill each other?

    then the otherside says…

    you are right, not one more troop for the ungrateful people of iraq…

    May the people of iraq live in the mess that they infact wish to have….

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