In Their Own Words …

100 reasons why these kids scare me


3 Replies to “In Their Own Words …”

  1. that list is ridic’
    so much hypocrisy in there.
    Especially the part about the bodyguard hitting the innocent. I don’t remember Hariri’s bodyguards to be choir boys. Yet, whenever I bring that up to people now, I get my head bitten off for allegedly trying to rationalize violence.
    go figure.

    The more I read, the more outraged I get.
    “87. 2 children are enough in one family(no need for the dazzine)”
    When you start talking about Prada, unleaded oil and reproduction, things are no longer in the ideological realm, I could ramble on forever but I got to go sleep if I want to wake up early enough to witness more rats falling from the ceiling at the office.

  2. Funny thing is these people seem to be proud to be civilized and to love the west and its cultural landmarks but in fact if you think of it, someone who would publish this text in france for exemple would quickly be sued for racism…
    Disgusting indeed!

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