Anti-Semitism …

It would have been far easier to dismiss the book if the author had been Christian. Then the dilemma could have quickly been solved by branding the scholar an anti-Semite. It’s also easy to dispense with radical Diaspora Jews who not only attack Israel’s policies but also sometimes challenge its very right to exist. They can simply be dubbed self-hating Jews. The matter becomes much more complicated when a Jewish scholar from a religious Jewish university touches on an issue that arouses primordial Jewish fears.

I always tell anyone who will listen that there are proportionally more anti-Semites in the US Senate than Hizbullah’s politburo and proportionally more anti-Semites in the United States than in the Middle East (however defined). Of course, there are obvious historical reasons for this (the Catholic and Orthodox churches being the historical engines of the historical phenomenon), but it is never discussed, just as you will never read about this story in an major American daily. This is the legacy of the US becoming Israel’s largest military supplier and explains the anti-Semitic antics of Abe Foxman and why Netanyahu chooses 1938 for his Hitler analogy (Roosevelt’s knowledge of the concentration camps being an unseemly story for those who benefit from the “special relationship” between the governments of the United States and Israel).

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