Overkill …?

Does the Daily Star really need to print both Michael Young and Tony Badran? It reminds me a bit of those crazy tag-team wrestling matches on tv when I was a kid. Truth be told, I am unsure which of the two is scarier, but their tired moves are the same.

I love the header for Tony’s piece, “Syrian pressure, Lebanese blood.” I wonder if we could ask the Lebanese Red Cross which country made blood supply a real issue last year in Lebanon. I guarantee you won’t find that country named in a random sampling of their respective commentaries. Of course, it is said that rabid anti-Semites and Iranian and Syrian “regime flaks” are pushing to make Israel disappear, but really, if you think about it, this pair, if their work can be taken collectively, have done a superb job of erasing the Israeli government from the “page of time.” Curious, non? Not really …

Along those lines, I remember that Jamil Mroue once faced criminal charges due to a pro-Israel ad in the IHT, which is bundled with the DS in Lebanon. Could that possibly be worse than printing someone from the Foundation for the Defense of Democracies? Why not include a box for Likud press briefings, or have something like Bibi’s Korner? Good grief …


6 Replies to “Overkill …?”

  1. no, calli,
    the daily star, thanks to micheal young, has turned into a subjective pro american newspaper.
    if it hadn’t, it would loose its readers and close up…

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