Just to Be Clear …

The U.S. military would like us to believe that Iran is supplying weaponry to Iraqi insurgents who cannot open their mouths without denouncing their co-nationals as “Persian spies.”
I noticed the WaPost gave a rather critical review of the “presentation” in Baghdad the other day, while the NYTimes of Judy Miller and Michael Gordon fame were once again eating it all up. Embarrassing.

UPDATE: See this on US media coverage of the presentation.

On his new site, Iraqslogger.com, Eason Jordan observed in response, that “one of the three supposedly unnamed US officials apparently has been outed by an Iraqi news service, Voices of Iraq, whose report on the Baghdad news conference identified one of the three speakers as Major General William Caldwell, whose portfolio includes public affairs and who holds frequent news conference and grants one-on-one interviews. “So, if the VOI report identifying Caldwell is correct, why did every other news organization apparently agree to grant anonymity to the general who’s the official spokesman of the US-led Multi-National Force in Iraq? Why would Caldwell insist on not having his name associated with these allegations today?”After the bogus Iraq evidence debacle in 2002 and 2003 — allegations that led to war, tens of thousands of lives lost, and hundreds of billions of dollars spent — only a fool would accept as the gospel supposed evidence against another country that’s presented by officials who insist on making their allegations anonymously.”We deserve better from the US government. We deserve better from the western news media.”


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