From the Vault …

“The U.S. is short of breath. You can always wait them out.”

— Abdel Halim Khaddam, 1984.

I stumbled on to this one yesterday and could not resist. It might be apocryphal (not to be confused with apokraphyte, unless appropriate) as then Sec. Schultz may have made it up, but the eternal verities are always like that …


4 Replies to “From the Vault …”

  1. Shirin said:
    ‘the real Lebanese should control Lebanon, without the interference of HA’
    with a statement like that, its no mystery you couldn’t understand the meaning of such a simple post.

    out of curiosity, whats your definition of ‘really’ Lebanese? since you’ve just excluded the largest community in Lebanon from it.

  2. The 1st war with islam and it’s pirates occured in 1780, it was started by islamic thugs, and lasted 30 years.

    This assault on the Americans by moslem thieves caused American to build a federal navy and to kick a bunch of moslem ass.

    The islamic needs to understand that the USA doesnt like long wars. If you continue to attack America and her interests we shall give you SHORT but ever increasing lethal wars.

    The next war with Lebanon, Iran or whomever will be much shorter and will have lot’s more explosions

    PLEASE keep it up!

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