Quote of the Day …

“The Syrian regime has strong intelligence (agencies) and no bird can fly over the Golan Heights but when it comes to … the Iraqi side they say they do not have the equipment or don’t have this or that,” Dabbagh said.


3 Replies to “Quote of the Day …”

  1. So what they are saying is that insurgents are entering Iraq through the Syrian border without any Syrian hindrance? But wait, isn’t it the recipient country that is supposed to be securing its borders? How does that work?

  2. It was actually just the result of a sharp exchange of words in Iraq’s Parliament, with the Sunnis saying Iran is responsible for every bad thing in Iraq, and the Shia saying, no it is all the Syrians’ fault. Just silly politics (al-hayat has full story, I think), but I just liked the idea of the bird over the Golan … 🙂

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