Grignotes que je te dise, grignotes (part 2)

While watching Manar TV online, I saw a couple of farmers protesting that the Israelis are not letting them work their lands (somewhere close to Aytarun). One of the dudes was saying that he tried to go work the field and Israeli soldiers stopped him saying that from now on, he should forget about this land. The guy looked in disarray, as his only source of living was cut off from him. But it seems to run counter the intuitive claim that Israel has no ambitions in Lebanon. Why would they have any? They are only reacting to Hizbullah’s aggressions, aren’t they? Akh the innocent Israelis that are harassed by the devilish Khezballah (who by the way don’t let the life lovers Lebanese to live in peace). I prefer this version of reality: the farmer is an Iranian-monitored death lover who should start working in a hotel or a bank.

Grignotes que je te dise, grignotes (part 1).


2 Replies to “Grignotes que je te dise, grignotes (part 2)”

  1. Ok, I corrected it. Funny how I always thought that there was Ayn (as in Eye) in Aytaroun. It seems that the root of the word is not arabic, just like Baalbeck. Or maybe it had Ayn and with the time the n got erased as waves polish stones.

    Is this poetry or what?

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