More Depressing News …

Survey reveals total shake-up of political map if elections were held today: Likud would win big with 32 mandates, followed by Lieberman’s Israel Our Home with 10; Kadima in third place with 9 mandates. Netanyahu far ahead of rivals as ‘best suited to be prime minister.’

Anyone who reads this blog knows I often place my hope in the Israelis as the only group of citizens with the potential to avert a coming regional disaster in the Middle East. So, please, don’t let me down …


One Reply to “More Depressing News …”

  1. This is really dreadful indeed, but Israelis have been going back and forth between “moderate” & “extreme” votes for the last 10 years. I think it will go on for a while but your hopes are still highly relevant because the “extreme” voters will become less and less numerous as generations go by. But here we are talking decades sadly…

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