Reduced to Incoherence …

Does this make any sense? To anyone?

I get the feeling the White House is not a happy place these days, so keep your eye on the exits, especially once Republican presidential aspirants start “talking Iraq.”


2 Replies to “Reduced to Incoherence …”

  1. A lot of “strategy” and very little substance (Hadley). This guy’s all over the place, & he’s a security adviser to the president? No wonder George W has that perpetually confused look! I particularly like this: “new rules of engagement will ensure that Iraqi and U.S. forces can pursue lawbreakers regardless of their community or sect” [just which community/sect are they NOT currently able to pursue?]. The guy probably duped his way through university and with George now, I can just see it: “OK fellas, do what Hadley says. Sounds like he knows what he’s talking about…”

  2. The NSA is in disarray, thus the nonsensical public position — just enough for everyone that no one quite knows what it means.

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