Re-raising the Middle Finger …

Obviously, very few individuals probably really know the details of the poker game between the Iranians and the Americans over the last three and half years, but it seems clear that neither side will accept a public shaming without a quick, humiliating response.

Thus, it is not surprising that just a couple of days after the WaPost revealed a Bush order last fall to target Iranians in Iraq, the Iranians trotted out their ambassador in Baghdad for a little oneupsmanship.

Iraq is a losing game for the Americans, and they Iranians know it, so expect much of the same over the next two years. Will Cheney’s ego be able to tolerate the slow taunt? I, and the rest of the world, should hope so, but it does not augur well for the future that daughter Liz felt it necessary to send an early Father’s Day card


3 Replies to “Re-raising the Middle Finger …”

  1. Iran does seem like a bluffer who’s been bluffing for some time now, but US doesn’t bluff and it seems like we’re on a verge to something new this year.

  2. Good point!

    Unfortunately they don’t always get it right, like with Iraq, well at least I think so.

    And of course Lebanon is the table, natrin el labta from either player.

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