Wandering, Wondering: A New Land, An Old Love

Three things were taken from my bags as they made it from Beirut to Casablanca to NYC:

1) Brand-new cell phone;

2) Poster of Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah;

3) Collection of poems by Billy Collins.

I will let readers divine that mystery …

Ten Questions:

1) Is Marrakesh Orientalism’s EuroDisney?

2) How can Casablanca be Africa’s largest port?

3) Is a prostitute always a prostitute or only while she is “working”?

4) Why do some strangers think a sober-minded individual like me smokes dope?

5) Why do all Arabs approach the Lebanese with a curious affection that is simultaeneously condescending and envious?

6) Can you really get a service from Fes to Dora by twirling your finger in a circle?

7) Why is the airport still my favorite place for Lebanese-watching?

8) Why do posters of Franjieh and Arslan evaporate my sympathies for the Lebanese opposition?

9) Why don’t oil-rich construction magnates from the Gulf understand that Lebanon is a small place for small things?

10) Do I always leave things behind in Beirut so that I always have to go back?

Actually, I know the answer to that last one …


4 Replies to “Wandering, Wondering: A New Land, An Old Love”

  1. 3) depends if a plumber remains a plumber after work-hours, and if one thinks people are what they do.

    5) isn’t that how the French approach Americans? They talk down to you like because they think you’re children, but they secretly envy you?

    10) what’s her name?

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