Dark days

Maybe there is an underlying message in Geagea’s criticism of the national security apparatus. Some sort of auto-legitimisation of the importance and role of his militia in taking over where the regular forces fail, some sort of warning that it might be time for him to take up his historical role as paramilitary leader.
Some of us have known about the Lebanese Forces training camps and rearmament since 2005 but for the great majority this remained an unconfirmed rumour, and for those living abroad there was no way to get any information about it.
Even now there is this basic structure in the way current events are transcribed in the worldwide press and the national propaganda cannons such as DS that go like: the nationwide protest resulted in the death of at least 3 individuals and the wounding of about a hundred… giving a clear causality effect between the protests and the casualties that suggest the protests themselves were violent or the sole cause of violence. Nowhere can we read that militias literally attacked the protesters and even fought with the army that tried to hold them back.
The Free Patriotic Movement made a list of all the attacks it sustained on that day but you cannot access their website (a sentence says they are under attack but that they will be back).


8 Replies to “Dark days”

  1. what about the mofos that lit trash cans ablaze at the entrance of people’s buildings, preventing them from going about their business?
    and the ones that beat up a school bus driver (until he lost consciousness) who was trying to bypass a tire-fire to pick up kids from one area to take them to school?
    Is that “protesting”? Not sure Mahatma would approve.

  2. Tell me about it. I’m talking about militias assaulting protesters, are you saying that these few incidents justify these assaults? Are you denying that overall the protests where indeed peaceful (not only the other day but since december 1)?
    Are you equating you equating the slaughter of at least 3 civilians with preventing people from going to work? And one bus driver who himself had a defiant attitude with the hundreds of people wounded in an overall criminal counter-protest plan set up by the militias?

    I sincerely hope not.

  3. Sorry to disappoint you, but yup.

    I enjoy reading the posts you guys read, despite your biased views that I don’t necessarily agree with. It gives people like me a good reality check and helps steer us toward the center (although some jerks who are set in their ways might be pushed even further astray).
    I just expected you guys to not only write about the good things “your guys” do, but also the things they could be less proud of. It doesn’t matter which side did the worst things; I just hoped you would talk about those things instead of sweaping them under the rug and pointing fingers at the other side. It’s very easy and convenient to do so, but even I try my best to not do that. I wouldn’t have brought up any of that shit had you at least acknowledged that some of the opposition’s actions were not so “democratic”. But no, big fat deaf and blind silence.

  4. I’m wondering if we speak the same language…
    I’ll take another chance at explaining myself.
    I take good care at pointing out how the media (the main local ones and specially the international press) tend to put the whole blame on the opposition even when it could be more interesting to point out what I consider to be the main event of this infamous day: namely the resurgence of militias as an alternate internal force to the army.
    In a day where all the info I get includes “pro-syrian opposition” or “extremist group Hezbollah” I’m sorry but it doesn’t put me in a mood for concensual sentences such “of course the opposition also did some undemocratic actions” or “both sides are worst than one another”.
    Again I ask you the same question: is cold blooded murder comparable to some degrees of uncivilised behavior (killing 3 persons vs. blocking the entrance of a building)? It seems your answer was yes which for me is a criminal statement beyond all my moral values.
    Please read the posts several times before posting some pointless approximation.

  5. Wow, steady. I understand your defensiveness, but thinking I support or minimize the impact of murder (cold blooded or not..) is not only insulting, but also an instance of you not reading what I wrote (I won’t arrogantly go tell you to read it over and over again though).

    I just don’t believe that someone’s death should mean we should stop talking about everything else. It’s way too easy. It leaves the room for absolutely no introspection. Do you think this is insensitive from my part? To not want to let things go unchecked? I’m not saying this out of concern for “justice” or “retribution”, but if, one day, the opposition gets its way, I’d like to know that things like this are not likely to happen again. I’ve never seen a “strike” where people were forced to strike against their will. Is this wrong? To question what’s going on?

    “I’m sorry but it doesn’t put me in a mood for concensual sentences”.
    I’m cool with that! I’ll just have to accept this acknowledgement of your bias and stop arguing in the wind.

  6. “is not only insulting, but also an instance of you not reading what I wrote”
    I’m sorry callipyge, but I asked you a few questions and got this for an answer: “Sorry to disappoint you, but yup”. What should I understand.
    I maintain my “arrogance” and if you don’t see that my post is directed towards the media (who are doing a great job in accusing the opposition), then I can understand your reaction but it’s slightly out of hand.

    In any case we have a deep disagreement on how to read the political situation in Lebanon that will not be solved in these few lines.

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