US sends weapons to the Lebanese army

According to this US State Department press briefing, the American government will deliver Humvees to the Lebanese Army:

MR. CASEY: Good afternoon, everybody. Happy Friday. TGIF to you, too, Mr. Lambros.
Before we get to your questions, I just wanted to point out something. We will be putting out a Media Note little later today that is going to note that today we made a down payment on some of the support that we’ve promised for the Lebanese Armed Forces. Specifically, today we had 20 — the first 20 of 285 Humvees that are destined for the Lebanese Army delivered today. These are going to be used as part of our effort to help strengthen that force and give it both the mobility as well as some of the other kinds of logistical and technical support it needs to be able to carry out its mandate throughout all of Lebanon.
QUESTION: A quick one on that. Was that U.S. surplus equipment? And secondly, where was it delivered?
MR. CASEY: Okay, let me make sure I’ve got that. It arrived by C-17 and my understanding is it arrived in Beirut at the airport today.

Here are a few remarkz: What are the political concessions (if any) the Army will have to make when it takes weapons from the US? Who signs these contracts? Through which ministry (defense probably)? The different power structures in Lebanon are more complex than at first thought. If the security services are practically a militia in the hands of Hariri, to whom does the General of the Army Michel Sleyman report?
The likely explanation is to the president, and the army is still in full coordination with Hizbullah. But why would the US give weapons to an institutions that is in control by its rivals?


2 Replies to “US sends weapons to the Lebanese army”

  1. can’t wait to see how the lebanese army will use these humvees as “weapons” to bring down Israeli F-16s. fire them from slingshots maybe?

    This is gonna take Lebanese ingenuity to a whole new level.

  2. i think it is clear that Michel Sleyman has a political agenda of his own, with some presidential aspirations.
    so although he reports to the president (although Lahoud is the weaker link in this relationship) and that there is good coordination between the army and Hizbullah, Sleyman’s complete allegiance to this camp is in no way certain.
    therefor the US aid might be an attempt to sway the army in the direction of the security services.
    note these are only logistical equipments, nothing they can harm Isreal with.

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