Useless zeal

Can somebody please tell me why Kataeb leader Amin Gemayel thinks it’s necessary to assure Israelis that the two reservists captured by Hizbullah this summer are safe and sound?

In an interview with Maariv on Friday, former Lebanese prime minister Amin Gemayel was quoted as saying that the captured reservists are alive. Gemayel expressed hope that the captives would return home alive and well.

Goldwasser’s mother, Miki, told Army Radio that she was happy to hear Gemayel’s remarks. ‘It is great,’ she said. ‘I hope that with a little more pressure from mothers in Lebanon we will succeed in doing what maybe politicians don’t do. We want our sons to come home.’

Zvi Regev, Eldad Regev’s father, told Israel Radio that the families are encouraged by the support they have received, but still expect the government to do all it can to bring the soldiers back to Israel.

According to Haaretz, however, the comments run counter to an internal Israeli probe that concluded that Goldwasser and Regev were seriously wounded during their capture and at least one of them could now be dead.

I mean who is he seriously? Hizbullah’s spokesperson for Israeli-prisoners-affairs? Or is it that he cares so much for the psychological health of the Israeli families concerned?

Addendum: Al-Akhbar had a comprehensive article of what appeared in the Israeli press (today the 13th), and it seems that Gemayel also talked to Yedioth Ahronoth, adding that peace can only be achieved if “the resistance and terrorism lovers would leaves us alone”. So I don’t know how much Gemayel was talking on behalf o Hizbullah.


8 Replies to “Useless zeal”

  1. hezbollah never said a word about those 2 hostages because that keeps the suspense going and so the negociations…
    as for gemayel, he just wants to personnify a good father, brother, and human being (like his father did), for his good image. and maybe he is a bit in this mood now…

  2. January 29th 2004: What happened?

    Prisonners exchange between Hezbollah and Israel.

    30 Lebanese prisoners are back, plus the body of 59 others plus 400 Palestinian prisoners…

    Against what?
    Two dead Israeli bodies and one depressed Israeli officer

    How did Hezbollah make it possible?
    Nobody knew whether the Israeli prisonners were alive wounded or dead

    I’m convinced it’s strategically more efficient not to be transparent on the subject

  3. In any case, the goal of this post is just to show something interesting personified in Gemayel’s actions. He is obviously not part of Hizbullah (not that I can recall) yet he seems to know in what condition the prisoners are.

    I think it is of the utmost importance to point out Gemayel’s declarations here. They have valuable political impact. Either because he tries to re-assure Israeli constituencies, or Israeli officials, and/or send an indirect message emanating from Hizbullah themselves.

    Rumors have been going on that Hizbullah and Gemayel are in good contact. The rest is up to you to think of.

  4. Ya Boumb,
    In war, there is what is called Geneva Convention, that stipulates that prisoners have a right to visit by the ICRC. By not applying it to its prisoners Zibballah is showing its true figure…nothing but thugs and Zabbaleh…

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