Mustaqbal wouldn’t mind getting cash from Iran to scrap debt

I’m preparing a big post on economic reforms, the weakness and politicization of labor unions, the Paris III conference, on how economic policy was conducted since Hariri monopolized decision-making regarding that matter, and finally, on why we are still in a militia economy, reinforcing divisions and inequalities.

But in the process of collecting articles written lately on labor union demonstrations, the paris III plans to be submitted by the government to beg for money, and other related matters such as the near collapse of the agricultural sector, I have come across this article that quotes an unidentified Al Mustaqbal parliamentary member saying that basically if Iran could give us one billion dollars then we wouldn’t need to go to Paris to fetch some cash. This clearly exemplifies the cheap mercantile mentality of Hariri Inc. and how this rationale was central in the way the country was ruled.

It does not worry anyone in Al Mustaqbal if the debt happened because of their immature and piecemeal economic policies. On the contrary, they have the guts to ask the people they hate most, and against whom they’ve been lobbying forcefully, to give them money so that they can get rid of their responsibilities.


3 Replies to “Mustaqbal wouldn’t mind getting cash from Iran to scrap debt”

  1. bech,

    i’m sure you realize that al-mustaqbal doesn’t hate anyone. one of the reasons they are lobbying against iran is because they don’t receive funds from them. the same goes for jumblatt – soon after iran stopped “donating” funds to him, he began to lash out against HA and their “persian masters”, as he likes to say. that is not a coincidence.

    anyways, take care. enjoy beirut.

  2. Of course the guy is kidding. And of course al mustaqbal doesn’t “hate” anyone. That would be childish to say.

    But the point of this post is to show the ‘mentality” of Hariri Inc. It’s just a question of who will give them the money in order to relieve themselves from the trap they got us in, in the first place.

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