We can’t get enough

No one will help us if we do not help ourselves

says the prime minister a few weeks before going to Paris-3 to seek help from his beloved international community.

Now the international community is ready to help us. It’s an opportunity that may not come again

says the exact same guy in the exact same Afp interview.
Fortunately he learned about Lebanon’s problems: “The problems we need to resolve — privatization, debt and the cost of electricity are known”, (is that really all???) as well as the cost of the “July War”: “we can’t take on the burden of reconstruction alone”.
After attempting to blame Israel for the 40 billion dept on august 7 during the Arab foreign ministers meeting, he is now already blaming Hezbollah for the eventual failure of reforms that have not happened yet:

The (proposed) reforms, which do not date from yesterday, are open to discussion


After the so-called Paris-3 conference, we are going to come home and tell the Lebanese ‘this is what we got.’ If the opposition does not want it, so be it. If the opposition wants to scuttle (the reforms), they will bear the responsibility

So we have a very narrow and almost non-existant “opening” for discussion and a much sharper “this is what we got”. Some people might argue that for Lebanon we need a man of multiple contradictions, still, maybe we also need them to be a little more subtle.
There is a tough blame game in Lebanon as we all know, Mufti Mohammed Ali al-Jouzou adds a new chapter to it by accusing Hezbollah clerics of waving sectarianism. Hard to believe when we see the peaceful and multi-confessional rally currently taking place, as well as the dozen accusations that fall on the Shi’as on a daily basis from Saniora to Joumblatt to the whole international community. Joumblatt alone sets a new milestone by shifting his usual anti-Syrian antagonism to a new anti-Hezbollah and anti-Iranian one.
The most amazing point in Jouzou’s call is his reference to the UN’s chapter 7, in which he is basically warning the Shi’a clerics: the whole world will come down on you!

In the light of such adversity “Hezbollah & its allies” as they are often called, are already doing a great job at restraint and coherence in their actions, whether we agree with their demands or not.


One Reply to “We can’t get enough”

  1. the sit-in will continue, no doubt in that. do y remember the baabda one in 89-90 ? it lasted 11 months. it failed because the syrian troops dismantled it. so what can our government do ? send the lebanese army against lebanese civilians ?

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