Bad news

As if American diplomacy did not already have enough problems on its back (or rather putting problems on other people’s backs), Ms Rice has a new number 2. It’s not John Bolton but maybe worse: John Negroponte. If you don’t have enough background information on this high time chief manipulator, there is enough out there on the web to keep you busy for a while. One place to recommend is this website that has in depth cover of both the Honduras and Iran-Contra scandals and affairs.


5 Replies to “Bad news”

  1. Where the hell are you guys? I mean I checked out for two weeks… but there’s at least three of you. Or four? Yalla fellows. Missing you

  2. Adoring fans,

    We have all taken to the road, but will be back before too long.


    Bech and I will be in beirut next week and it would be a pleasure to meet up with Lebanon’s best blogger, so hit us up …


    Who are you, really?

  3. my laptop got stolen a week ago. Since then i did not fully recovered. I am learning to cure my addiction by staying quiet for some time.

    … i don’t think it’s going to last very long though…

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