Ayn el Remmaneh Bus to be sold

Isn’t it supposed to be in a museum? (thanks Hilal)

4 Replies to “Ayn el Remmaneh Bus to be sold”

  1. I lived with Sami Hamdan (owner of the bus) many years and I did not know he owned the Ayn el Remmaneh bus.
    Anyway, I think he needs the money since the building where he lived became rubbles last summer. but who will buy it?

  2. well, in this case I understand. But it’s crazy that the bus remained privately owned for thirty years… Anyway, he will eventually find a nostalgic foreign buyer that will keep the symbol alive.

  3. Maybe at an auction?

    A shame, really, that nothing has been done in documenting and collecting items from the war (or has there been such an effort?), and possibly erecting a museum. But I guess that’s a moot point, since most Lebanese are ready to take off the gloves and engage in massacring each other, at the slightest hint from their “leaders”.

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