Internally Yours …


Prime Minister Ehud Olmert on Saturday evening instructed all the government ministers not to respond in public to Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas’ declaration, explaining that it was an internal Palestinian issue.


Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Olmert told his cabinet Sunday that the Iraq Study Group (ISG) report released last week, and which contains numerous recommendations detrimental to Israel’s security and survival, should be treated as an internal American affair and ignored.
His ministers should avoid discussing the report, he said. “We heard the position of [US] President [President George W.] Bush and there is no need to add anything to that. I do not recommend comments on this sensitive topic.”

Do you think Olmert’s wife lets him get away with this kind of crap?

Wife: Who was that woman I saw you talking with yesterday?
Olmert: We should avoid comment. It is an internal matter.

Ladies, or pedestals of humanity’s eternal becoming (as bech prefers),

If the object of your affections ever attempts such nonsense, please — for my sake, if not your own — take a heavy hammer to his “internal matter.”


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