WARNING: Proceed to Nearest Shelter…

Guess who’s coming back to the neighborhood?In her own words, “get ready.”


2 Replies to “WARNING: Proceed to Nearest Shelter…”

  1. Apokraphyte,

    This is scary stuff…

    How much more schizophrenic and divided can Lebanon get? How deep are the national fissures? Is there even any hope?

    Just exactly who will this new (military) aid package, bundled in a “re-construction” package go to? And to help defend Lebanon against whom? Israel? This is medication laced with arsenic. The obscenity is mind-boggling.

    The plot is being cooked to heavily arm the Lebanese so this time when they go against each other Iraq will look like Monte Carlo.

    And to think that there are politicians in Lebanon who will gratefully accept this US “generosity!” whither this nation of fools…

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