US Senator goes to Damascus

After visiting Damascus, the US Senator Bill Nelson thought that he should pass by Lebanon and re-assure the increasingly nervous 14 of Marchers that the US will always be there for them:

Speaking to reporters after the meeting, the senator from Florida said the United States “will not abandon Lebanon if it [the US] starts collaborating with Syria in Iraq.”

Can anyone take this guy seriously when he says something like that:

“I also clearly advised President Assad to stop interfering in Lebanese domestic affairs, and to end any attempt to rule Lebanon,” Nelson said.

All the mighty power of the neoconservatives and the rumbling of the war drums of the hawks in the US could not intimidate Bashar. What does this Senator wish to achieve except say: don’t worry Syria we’ll soon be back on the same track.

ADDENDUM (another foreign intervention): Ask any foreign diplomat in Washington, DC, and they will tell you that US Congressmen whole-heartedly deserve their notorious international reputation for ignorance with regard to some of the most basic facts about other countries. Thus I could not but laugh when Senator Nelson said:

“My visit today aims at enlightening Premier Siniora on Syrian stands.”

Do you think LIL’ Fouad thanked him? If this is enlightenment, who needs darkness…?


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