Name That Country: The Bonus Round …

“You can’t ask a prime minister in a democracy to take difficult steps that nobody will back that up.”

Readers, err-Contestants,

Which country, or “strategic context”* as they are now known, was the US Secretary of State describing … ?

First correct answer** wins a prize, namely: my undying admiration.

* What fun! Has anyone else noticed how corporate speak has now fully mastered the tongue of government policy? No wonder so many people go to school for MPPs and MPAs — they have to learn this secret language. Orwell ain’t got nothing on these cats: do you think he knew?

** As per the accomodation requirements of the Americans with Disabilities Act, US politicians will be given extended time to prepare their answer.


13 Replies to “Name That Country: The Bonus Round …”

  1. err, so in a democracy leaders are not expected to make tough decisions, unless somebody is backing them up?
    what happened to the burden of leadership?
    and oh yeah, she’s talking about Iraq (or the country formerly known as Iraq), as the linked article says.

  2. i think the dreamer does not understand the contradiction in the sentence “in a democracy” and the absence of “backing up”.

    think again.

  3. my little finger says you wiseguys are tying that quote to Lebanon.

    Or France. Heck, nobody can work on that damn pensions system without paralyzing the whole country.

  4. Nice try, Calli. But I am afraid neither Lebanon, nor France is the correct answer. And there is a point deduction for giving two answers. Thanks for playing …

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