Efficient defense policies

The IDF has just performed a new landmark in exercising their imaculated right to self-defense:

أفاد مندوب “الوكالة الوطنية للاعلام” في البقاع الغربي سعيد معلاوي، أنه في الاولى من بعد ظهر اليوم، توغلت دبابتان اسرائيليتان الى الساتر الترابي ما بين مزرعتي بسطرة المحررة وزبدين المحتلة، عند تخوم مزارع شبعا، وتقدمت على الأثر قوة مشاة اسرائيلية من ستين عنصرا لمسافة ثلاثة كيلومترات داخل الاراضي اللبنانية المحررة.

A contingent of several tanks and about 60 soldiers penetrated as far as 3 kilometers inside Lebanese territory from the Chebaa Farms and shot at everything that moved including 2 peasant brothers (Omar & Hashem Abd el Aal) who where perceived as a big threat to Israel’s existence. Piling up achievements as if they where pearls on a necklace they thus also increase their world record in UN resolution breaches (here 1701 of course).


2 Replies to “Efficient defense policies”

  1. Get ready for the second Israeli step (in collaboration with Hariri inc.) to try to weaken 14th of february adversaries.

    PS: the first one being the July war

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