Behind Al Akhbar..

..lies a rich array of personalities! I completely forgot to link this priceless article by Ziad Rahbani on the ideological links of Al Akhbar; maybe the funniest piece I ever read of him. In it, you will encounter the “secular existentialist heretic” chief editorialist Joseph Samaha who was once a KGB agent and now is a “strategic studies researcher specializing in the region of Marjayoun”.

You will find an Ibrahim al Amine as a “Hizbullahi trotskist” who has links with a Lebanese Forces intelligence cell that was dissolved until now. You will find lots and lots of other truths on all these journalists working at Al Akhbar, and even on Ziad Rahbany himself:

As for me [I], ahh god help me from the word “I”, but I swear that I don’t know how to describe myself but I’m surely within the axis of evil, that’s what they told be at the newspaper’s offices when I first came as it is located on the 6th floor of this axis.

Ziad writes once every day or two in Al Akhbar. You may think whatever you want from this newspaper, but reading Ziad should be a ‘civic’ requirement as being someone who has been deciphering Lebanese schizophrenias since the 1970s, and has not deviated his intellectual honesty ever since.


5 Replies to “Behind Al Akhbar..”

  1. Al-Akhbar looks most of the time as a propaganda tool in the hand of the Syrian-Iranian coalition in Lebanon. I recommend you to look at some other newspapers as well, so you won’t get a twisted image of the reality. I also recommend that you’ll take a good look at the movies in my blog that were produced from some clips in Almustaqbal channel:


  2. Yalla, sharif … As a musician, you should know the “sound of democracy” … Or do you not know that “tune” … 😉

  3. ey, I seem to have forgotten about it. I keep confusing it with the sound of the MK spy drones eversince I had to listen to them for 12 straight hours this summer.

  4. For a second, I thought that blog was called “lebanon wind industry”.

    I’m so sick of idolatry. Of the living (fat bearded crazies or skinny balding lunatics) and the dead.

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