Mustaqbal’s private militia

Saad Hariri asks Ahmad Khatib – an ex-army dude (Sunni) from the civil war days who led one section of the split Lebanese military – to “group his people”. The leader of what was known to be “Lebanon’s Arab army” (at the time working under the supervision of Palestinian Fateh) has been recruiting in the regions that were once occupied by the Syrians such as in Sunni areas from the Bekaa. He actually claims that he has followers from “all the regions of Lebanon”. In return for going under the Mustaqbal party’s wing, Hariri is said to have promised Khatib a place in the Lebanese army and significant remunerations.

Since Lebanese president Lahoud’s ‘refurbishing of the army’, this section was barred from coming back to the military state institution, due to its murky past during the civil war era. There are apparently 250 former “Lebanon’s Arab army” men that are trying to go back to the Lebanese army. Khatib is now looking elsewhere to get what he thinks is his due and has found in Hariri a generous recipient of promises. Give us positions in the Lebanese army or bear the militia.


4 Replies to “Mustaqbal’s private militia”

  1. You know al-akhbar is more of a propaganda machine than a newspaper (like mustaqbal). The story might be true, but coming there…I wouldn’t wager too much on it.

  2. You have to distinguish between having a political line and being an outright “distorter” of news.


    Al-akhbar has a specific political stand (that’s why they look for specific type of stories and not other although this may be arguable) it’s true but there are things you can’t make up. Interviews with real people for example. Ahmed Khatib exist, and Ahmed Khatib was the guy the article describes and has demands unfulfilled (remuneration etc.), these are plain facts. Also if Ahmed Khatib says that he was summoned by Hariri to “gather his people” then that’s what he said. You don’t invent or fabulate here. He may have lied, but Al-Akhbar has reported what was said.

    Now in terms of propaganda machine, you’re right Al Mustaqbal is a ‘real’ newspaper 🙂 Are you serious? come on don’t ridicule yourself like that out on the open. haram 3aleyk! Al Mustaqbal didn’t even mention the little fact that on sunday there were some kind of a demonstration in downtown. You call this a newspaper?

  3. Oh you misunderstood me bech, I meant to say that Al-Akhbar is a propaganda machine like Al-Mustaqbal. Haha, real newspaper…funny! Well at least we agree on that.

    As far as the article, yeah I didn’t make any judgements on whether its true or not, I’m just saying, coming from that source, its hard to take it as simple fact.

    By the way I thought we had exchanged blog links??

  4. sorry jade, but i really was confused by the wording of your post. Suffice it to say, but my argument on al-akhbar still holds. You can have a political stand, like all newspapers do, and not overtly lie about things.

    Instead mustaqbal purposefully hides and distorts information at will.

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